The Assassin in the French Revolution ‘Super Smash Bros’, a great jewel for Wii U but with a slight scratch

A pending debt with the console

 A pending debt with the console  


There is no way, time is winning the game. The games accumulate on the shelves and hard drives and I hardly find time to get serious with them. Daily work, exercise and social life have a lot to do, but they are not the only reasons that have kept me away from consoles.

During the last month, something chaotic, the computer and Blizzard have been very guilty. Warlords of Draenor and Hearthstone have absorbed my meager dead times. The latest expansion of World of Warcraft , in which the company has thrown the rest, has managed to catch me and has made me relive some experiences similar to those of the early days of the game and the Burning era.

Apart from that, Wii U is the machine that has stolen me the longest, with Smash Bros alone and with Mario Kart 8 when friends have come home. Well, that and Mario Party 9, a safe value but we already have very trite (wishing I’m that Nintendo launches one for Wii U).

Meanwhile, the rest of consoles and games accumulate dust. I have hardly played the Dragon Age Inquisition , I have the Killer Instinct abandoned, I have lost the hope to spend some time the new Assassin’s Creed and Sunset Overdrive and Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare deserve much more time than I have dedicated so far.

However, there has been a fact that can be a turning point from which I began to better distribute the time I dedicate to electronic entertainment: my subscription to WoW has expired and I have no intention of renewing it, no matter how much I deserved it. sorry (and I think that in quality, the game is worth it). This has allowed me to propose new gamer goals for 2015: play all the consoles, at least try all the games that come into my hands and write a lot, much more than until now.

To show that my intentions are good, I conclude this short post and I am going to practice a bit the aim in Far Cry 4 .

Seriously, where do people get time to play? My self a few years ago would have the answer, but I can not ask.

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I think you’re not the only one. I am exactly the same.

It is clear that there are certain “infinite” games that are a “time-out” and I usually avoid them. You have mentioned two of them: WOW (which I have never played, nor win) and Heartstone (who installed it when it came out but I have not put myself in depth with it for the same reason). But, in my case, I have other games that could be applied the same criteria: PES 2015, Gran Turismo 6 and Mario Kart 8. If we add the GTA V online, because we already have it bundled, there is no time for other things.

I have a friend who says that all the games he is accumulating can enjoy when he retires. And it is that hope is the last thing that is lost